25. srpna 2011

***Phone- and WebCamSex*** ***Phone- and WebCamSex*** ***Phone- and WebCamSex***

Phone- and Webcam Sex available.
PhoneSex min.payment = €/£20
WebcamSex min.payment = €/£30

I provide PhoneSex only with the phonenumber, in which country i am at the moment. Check my website for my schedule.
WebcamSex by Skype only. ID will be given after the payment.

Before we start to talk or to have Webcam Session, please note, that i accept this type of payments only, so have it ready before you call me:

Top up of my mobile phone (always the phone of the country, where i am at the moment, when you call me)
Western Union
Purchase my clips&uncensored pics: here

You can find my schedule on this websites:

You always can recharge my following numbers online:

087 137 6369
trough this link: irish vodafone

07767 743 401
trough this link: british vodafone

662 476 036
trough this link: spanish vodafone

+43 650 562 1147
trough this link: austrian TeleRing

 +971 56 771 4905
1. you can transfer credit from a Etisalat GSM prepaid or postpaid in UAE by using the Credit Transfer Service
*100*+971567714905*100# send key
(Minimum amount in one day is AED 5 and Maximum is 100)
Note: Transaction fee of 5% apply

2. Paying at the Etisalat Cash machine or at the cashier for my Etisalat GSM Prepaid (Wasel) number.

from NOW Watersport and Hardsport (SCAT) on webcam available as well!

If you like to see me doing watersport, it costs +€/£30
If you like to see me doing scat, it costs +€/£100

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