24. července 2013

Mistress's Jessica's new assistant.

Mistress Jessica is a beautiful and gorgeous looking boss that I have an interview with as your personal assistant. When I walk into your office you greet me and I smile as soon as I see how sexy you are, dressed in a short black skirt with a slit, tan see through blouse, black hose and black open toe heels.
Mistress Jessica told me to close the door and lock it behind me, you then sit of the front of your desk with you legs crossed and dangling a heel off your foot, and I try to see if you are wearing pantyhose, garters or thigh highs. You notice me looking at your sexy hosed legs, and heels and know that you have me under your total control and spell. I do ejoy having you lust over me an dmy sexy hosed legs, and I am going to slip off my heel and slide it up and down your calf, and just sit there and take it young man. I see that you like feeling my hosed feet against you from the a bulge that is forming in your pants and know that you have me hooked. As your future boss you command me to stand and tell me that you need to check the package, and the next thing I feel is your hand grabbing my cock and balls, and smiling at me.
Mistress Jessica then tells me to be quite and stand still. You then unbutton my pants unzip me and push my pants to the floor leaving me there ia a pair of blue nylon briefs, you smile and say that they are nice but tell me that they need to go. You then pull them off and go behind your desk and bring over a pink pair of panties and demand that I put them on if I want to be your assistant. I do as you tell me and you then call in a few of the ladies that work with you and tell me to face them and them smile and giggle and take a few pictures and I stand there and take it. They leave and I hear you tell me to get on my knees and you pull your skirt up and tell me to eat you till you cum. While doing this you take your hosed feet and rub my cock and balls while I service you. You see me leaking you apply pressure to my balls so i dont cum. I then feel you grab my cock and balls and squeez them not allowing me to cum.
The job is yours, but you will always wear pink panties when you come to work and will be subject to inspection by me or the other female coworkers to make sure that you are wearing them and service us on a daily basis, and will be at our beck and call to have our way with you. You know that I accept your offer and I also see that you have a ladies outfit and a strapon and tell me that I will be your bitch and the ladies play toy as well.